Ignite Your Au-Mazing
Virtual Mastermind

Shift from feeling disenfranchised, depleted and doubtful to
Connected, Empowered and Au-Mazing
During this transformational intensive, you’ll meet for 4 BOLD WEEKS with Dr. Alisha Griffith and up to 15 other Au-Mazing Caregivers to be led in transformational training on how to progress your personal POWER in:

COPING - Remove the toxic negative energy and replace with Positive Energy Power,
focus on gratitude when dealing with the unexpected and unpredictable, CHANGE
what’s not working and BOLDLY stand in your power.

COMMUNICATION - Courageously communicate with your child, family members and
friends, learn how to be a better listener and speak your truth, and strengthen your
relationships to build a community of supporters.

CONNECTION - Laser focus on what are your KEY connections to establish, SPARK
your fire to transform with new possibilities and gain courage to SPEAK UP, be
unapologetic and disruptive for what matters the most to you.

COMPASSION - Identify what are “your” true passions, expand your vision to your
au-mazzinnnggg LIFE and learn how to use your gift (your genius) to serve yourself and
others that are waiting for you to SHINE!!!

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Read what others have to say...
"Dr. Ali is one of the most reliable, resilient, determined women professionals and entrepreneurs. She is one of those individuals that her word is her bond and she is literally the person that is at the top of my list to come through for anything. So, if you’re looking for someone to help you deliver results, have a powerful impact, and serve people to a whole new level, Dr. Ali is your girl."
Lisa Nichols, Motivational Speaker, Coach and Mentor
"I was very fortunate to have someone who was such an expert on my son's team when he was most vulnerable. She was great with my son but most importantly she taught me how to help and understand my son. Her patience, caring and how she connected with my son was a special thing to watch during her treatment sessions. I honestly believe if it wasn't for a good start, (which Dr. Alisha played a vital part in) my son would be a very different child. My family is very grateful that God brought Dr. Alisha Griffith into our lives."
MM, Autism Mom
"I am glad I followed her professional advice because I see exactly what she has said coming to pass-- he is achieving his milestones. I am thankful to Dr. Griffith and for her professional expertise. She says in her book to, "Listen to that voice inside of you" and I am glad did. Thank you."
Leslie-Ann Bolden, Ph.D., Mom
BOSS CEO business (TRACK) Program to increase revenue in the household, create your legacy by simply using your gifts.

You WILL learn how to

- Become a successful Chief Executive Officer of your home and a business so you can learn the art of time management

- Craft your own "unique message" so you can become the memorable speaker (advocate)

- Become an author of your own book so you can get your story from in your head to ink and paper

-START your own "functioning" support group so you can help other moms and "yourself" and stop feeling alone
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Meet Dr. Alisha Griffith 
Motivational Speaker, Autism Advocate and Author, Change Catalyst

Dr. Alisha is a motivator and change agent. She has twenty years of experience of helping individuals overcome difficulties. Through her personal and professional experiences she has learned critical lessons which has helped many.  In her passionate way she is able to help her clients become more CONFIDENT, SHIFT energy, SPARK your inner FIRE, and take action to be your AU-thentic YOU.  As a result, her clients will feel more ACCOMPLISHED and FULFILLED in life!